When Purple Twilight Gathers

When purple twilight gathers,
And friendly stars appear,
When day’s long task is ended,
And quiet time is here,
I fold my hands and listen
For I think that Christ may come.
And I want him now at twilight,
When my day’s long task is done.

O glorious, happy promise,
Most comforting and sweet:
The “Lord himself descendeth,
His saints together meet.”
The heav’nly trumpet soundeth,
According to his word,
We are “caught up in the glory,
To be ever with the Lord.”

So I’m watching and I’m waiting,
Each moment of the day;
It may be noon or evening
When he calleth me away;
It makes the day go faster,
And the trials easier borne,
When I’m thinking every minute
Today the Lord may come.