When Shall I See The Day

When shall I see the day
That ends my woes?
When shall I vict’ry gain
O’er all my foes?
When will the trumpet sound
That calls the exile home?
The grand Sabbatic year,
When will it come?

A crown of glory bright
By faith I see,
In yonder realms of light,
Prepared for me;
O, may I faithful prove,
And keep the prize in view,
And thro’ the storms of life
My way pursue.

Jesus, by Thou my Guide!
My steps attend;
O, keep me near Thy side;
Be Thou my Friend;
Be Thou my Shield and Sun,
My Saviour and my Guard,
And, when my work is done,
My great Reward.

O, how I long to see
That happy day,
When sorrow, sin, and pain
Shall flee away;
When all the heavenly tribes
Shall find their long-sought home:
The jubilee of heaven,-
When will it come?