When Silently The Nightshades Fall

When silently the night-shades fall,
In sable mantle dressed,
And earth in holy calm and peace
Is gently lulled to rest,
There comes from out the stillness deep
A whisper sweet and low,
That brings into the weary breast
A peace it fain would know.

Holy twilight hour, blessed twilight hour,
Thro’ thy wooing, Jesus speaks and bids us “Come”!
Holy twilight hour, blessed twilight hour,
Thro’ thy tranquil dream the heart sings Home, sweet home.

When twilight steals o’er land and sea,
And shadows come and go,
With silent tread ‘mid zephyrs sweet
That gently onward flow,
There seems to be a softer strain
That whispers to my soul,
And Jesus, heav’n, and all things pure,
Come in and take control. [Refrain]

Divinely sweet is such an hour,
When Jesus draws us near,
With fond caress and tender smile,
His loving words to hear;
But sweeter far than this ’twill be,
When life’s twilight shall come,
If Jesus speaks His fond “Well done!
Come, reign with me at home.” [Refrain]