When Simplicity We Cherish

When simplicity we cherish,
then the soul is full of light;
but that light will quickly vanish,
when of Jesus we lose sight.

Those who Christ alone desiring,
those whom nothing else can cheer
but the joy of his inspiring,
lending to his voice an ear;

who in Christ find greatest treasure
and upon his grace depend;
who but want to do his pleasure,
just fulfilling his commands;

who to Jesus humbly cleaving,
pay obedience to his word,
who in closest union living
with our Savior, Head, and Lord;

who in Jesus Christ abiding,
and from self-dependence free,
in none else but him confiding
walk in true simplicity.

Those who are by Christ directed,
trusting the Good Shepherd’s care,
from all harm will be protected,
and no danger need to fear.