When Soft Winds Are Blowing

When soft winds are blowing, when the sunshine is fair,
I’ll thank thee, O Lord, for thy kindness and care;
When tempests are raging, and the shadows are deep,
I’ll trust thee, O God, for my way thou wilt keep.

In shadow, in sunshine, In darkness or light,
In joy or in sorrow, By day or by night.
Thy word shall not fail me, Thy love shall abide,
In faith and in safety, I’ll walk by Thy side.

When skies smile above me, and my pathway is peace,
I’ll praise thee, my Lord, and my song shall not ease.
When darkness and sorrow, like a storm-cloud, are near,
I’ll praise thee once more, for my soul shall not fear. [Refrain]

For thou art my refuge, and thro’ each coming day,
With faith in thy wisdom, I’ll go on my way;
I’ll doubt not, I’ll fear not, but forever I’ll be
Content in the lot thou hast chosen for me. [Refrain]