When Sunshine Had Left Me My Way Had

When sunshine had left me, my way had grown dim,
When the cup of my sorrow was full to the brim,
There came a Deliv’rer my soul looked to Him–
My All-sufficient Savior.

My All-sufficient Savior came,
He took my sin, He bore my shame;
Now I have peace in His dear name–
My All-sufficient Savior.

When Satan controlled me no freedom I knew;
When I sought earthly follies my pleasures were few;
But Jesus bro’t freedom and joys that are true–
My All-sufficient Savior. [Refrain]

‘Tis friendship most precious, this friendship divine,
And the light of His presence so brightly doth shine;
This wonderful Friend will forever be mine,–
My All-sufficient Savior. [Refrain]

Coronation Hymns,