When That The Lord

When that the Lord again his Sion had forth brought
From bondage great, and also servitude extreme,
His work was such as did surmount man’s heart and thought,
So that we were much like to them, that use to dream:
Our mouths were all with laughter filled then,
Also our tongues did shew us joyful men.

The heathen folk were forced then this to confess,
How that the Lord for them also great things had done;
but much more we, and therefore can confess no less;
Wherefore to joy we have good cause, as we begun
O Lord, go forth, Thou canst our bondage end,
Who to desarts does flowing rivers send.

Full true it is, that, they which sow in tears indeed,
A time will come when they shall reap in mirth and joy:
They went and wept in bearing of their precious seed,
For that their foes full oftentimes did them annoy;
But their return they joyfully shall see,
Their sheaves bring home, and not impaired be.