When The Awful Judgment Day

When the awful judgment day is breaking,
And the Judge shall sit upon His throne,
All the world will then appear,
Some in gladness, some in fear,
Waiting for the Lord to claim His own.

Who shall be able then to stand?
Who shall be able then to stand?
At the Judge’s blest command,
At His right the righteous stand,
As they hear the welcome words,
Well done!

Years of sowing shall at length find harvest,
Passing joys yield everlasting pain;
But the righteous, sorely tried,
Shall be fully satisfied,
They eternal life shall now obtain. [Refrain]

Oh, how blessed in that day the righteous,
Cleansed in Jesus’ blood from every stain;
For the Judge they need not fear,
He is Savior, friend so dear;
Thro’ His love eternal life they gain. [Refrain]