When The Beauties Of The Homeland

When the beauties of the Homeland
Burst upon my ravished sight,
And the King in all His beauty I shall see,
Then how small will seem the trials
Which did here my soul affright,
And how radiant heaven’s splendor seems to me!

O the Homeland over yonder,
Blessed land of light and wonder,
Where I hope to meet my Savior face to face;
Just a little more rough tossing,
And I’ll reach the river’s crossing,
And be gathered in the Homeland, saved by grace.

Golden streets thro’out the city,
Pearly gates and jasper walls,
Shining throngs who sweetly chant their Maker’s praise;
Where no sickness ever enters,
And no shadow ever falls,
Naught to mar the joy of everlasting praise. [Chorus]

When the silver cord is loosened,
When my spirit takes its flight,
And my soul shall from this cumb’rous clay be free,
Just one note of heaven’s music,
Just one glimpse of glory bright,
Will sweet recompense for all my toiling be. [Chorus]