When The Bridegroom Cometh

When the Bridegroom cometh,
At dawn, or dark or day,
May we be ready, waiting,
For He will not delay;
Put on the wedding garment,
He may be drawing nigh;
Alas for us, my brother,
If He should pass us by!

When the Bridegroom cometh,
For us He will not wait;
Get ready then to meet Him,
Before it is too late.

When the Bridegroom cometh,
What if our lamps burn dim?
There’ll be no time to fill them,-
Too late the light to trim;
He told us He was coming,
And bade us ready be;
If He should go without us,
Alas for you and me! [Refrain]

When the Bridegroom cometh,
We’ll meet Him at the gate,
All ready for the journey;
For us He need not wait;
So bring the wedding garment,
He may be very near;
And fill the lamp and trim it
Before the Lord is here. [Refrain]