When The Burden Presses

When the burden presses,
When the cares increase,
“Looking unto Jesus”
Bringeth rest and peace.
When our hearts grow heavy
With a nameless dread,
“Looking unto Jesus”
We are comforted.

“Looking unto Jesus,”
“Looking unto Jesus,”
How it lightens,
How it brightens all the way!
Comfort gives in sorrow,
Hope for each tomorrow,
Safe and loving guidance to the “perfect day.”

In the time of trial,
‘Mid the furnace flame,
How the soul is strengthened
Looking unto Him!
In the storm and struggle,
Fainting in the race,
“Looking unto Jesus”
Brings the needed grace. [Refrain]

“Looking,” we grow like Him,
“Looking,” love Him more,
“Looking,” follow bravely
Where He leads before.
If our feet would enter
Through the gates of Day,
“Looking unto Jesus”
Is the only way. [Refrain]