When The Burdened Heart Relents

When the burden’d heart relents,
How they sing in glory,
When the soul undone repents,
How they sing in glory;
When is heard the weary sigh
And the penitential cry,
“Save me Jesus, or I die,”
How they sing in glory.

When they seek for Him who died,
How they sing in glory,
Come to Christ, the Crucified,
How they sing in glory;
All the hosts of heav’n rejoice
Praising God with harp and voice,
When He proves the sinners’ choice,
Christ, the King of glory.

Would you help to swell the strain
In the realms of glory,
Come will all your woe and stain,
To the King of glory;
Come, my brother, come today,
Come to Jesus while you may,
He will wash your sins away,
Lead you home to glory.