When The Burdens Gather Round Me

When the burdens gather ’round me,
When temptations o’er me roll,
It is then I find sweet shelter
In the refuge of my soul.

It is Jesus, precious Jesus,
Who can still the tempest wild;
He can give the soul assurance,
I can know I am His child.

When the sunlight’s almost faded,
Naught on earth can rift the clouds;
Jesus comes and gently whispers,
Then my soul to Him is bowed. [Refrain]

Oh, the cherished dream of pilgrims,
As they journey here below,
Would be shattered by the tempest
If our Savior did not know. [Refrain]

Yes, the joy of serving Jesus
Is a privilege divine;
In the secret of His presence,
There my soul may ever shine. [Refrain]