When The Calls Of Duty Are Urging On

When the calls of duty are urging on,
When the spirit wavers and strength is almost gone;
Breathe a pray’r for courage along your way,
God will give His grace sufficient for each day.

There will be a resting time by and by,
It is now our testing time as the moments fly,
When our work is ended, our souls to God ascended,
That will be the resting time by and by.

In the field is standing the ripened grain;
Shall these souls now perish and wait for help in vain?
Those who serve their Saviour have life’s short day,
O to use these golden hours in God’s own way. [Refrain]

Rescuing the fallen, the lone and lost,
Doing love’s sweet service all heedless of the cost;
Ever speeding onward to dare and do,
All too soon the evening time will come to you. [Refrain]