When The Cares Of Earth Are Pressing

When the cares of earth are pressing,
Not a star of hope in view,
There are healing streams refreshing,
In a Savior’s love for you.

Rest for you, rest for you,
There is sweet rest for you;
In the healing streams refreshing,
There is rest, sweet rest for you.

There are stores of hidden treasure,
Priceless far beyond compare,
Precious gems you cannot measure;
Joy and peace and rest are there. [Refrain]

There’s a haven for the weary,
Saddened hearts may there find rest,
Cheerful when the day is dreary,
Pillowed on the Savior’s breast. [Refrain]

There’s a home and rest forever,
When the cares of earth are done,
Where the heart is weary never,
There is rest for everyone. [Refrain]