When The Cares Of Life Are Ended Ewing

When the cares of life are ended,
And our harvest days are o’er;
When the veil of time is lifted,
And we meet to part no more,-

There with all the saints in glory,
What a song we there shall sing,
At the feet of our Redeemer,
When our golden sheaves to him we bring.

We shall hear the blessed welcome,
When before his throne we bow,
And receive the crown of promise,
That his love is keeping now. [Refrain]

In that home of fadeless beauty,
Night and clouds will pass away,
And our eyes will see the splendor
Of a long eternal day. [Refrain]

In that home of peerless glory,
Every throb of pain shall cease;
Kindred souls that there were severed,
There shall dwell in perfect peace. [Refrain]