When The Cares Of Life Come Thronging

When the cares of life come thronging,
When affliction presses sore,
and the tempter tells me that I cannot stand;
When my troubles would distress me,
Comes this precious tho’t to bless me,
Christ will hold me, He will hold me in his hand.

In the hollow of His hand,
In the hollow of His hand,
When the storms surround He holds me in His hand;
Safely sheltered there I rest,
Simply trusting I am blest,
In the hollow, in the hollow of His hand.

When the way seems strait and narrow,
And the cross too much to bear,
When my weary feet must press life’s burning sand;
Jesus tenderly draws near me,
Speaks so sweetly just to cheer me,
“I will hold thee, I will hold thee in my hand.” [Chorus]

When the evening shadows gather,
As the day of life is done,
And my feeble bark sets sail for yonder land;
Till I reach the heav’n before me,
With His banner floating o’er me,
He will hold me, He will hold me in His hand. [Chorus]

And when rolling ages find me
Singing praises to the Lamb,
With the blood-washed over on that golden strand,
Where no sin can ever harm me,
With Eternal Love to charm me,
Still He’ll hold me, still He’ll hold me in His hand. [Chorus]