When The Clouds Gather Thickly

When the clouds gather thickly, and the shadows lie
Dark and deep across the way
We must tread from day to day,
There’s a light sent to cheer us; lo, it gleams on high,
Like a beacon in the midnight sky.

See the light shining clear!
‘Tis the Christ that our longing eyes behold;
He will lead us on till the night is gone,
And the splendors of the morn unfold.

For the feet that have wandered from the path astray,
Lost in mazes dark and wild,
By the lure of sin beguiled,
Still the Day-star is pointing to the shining way,
Leading upward to the gates of day. [Refrain]

O’er the hills comes the dawning, with its radiance bright;
‘Tis the Sun of Righteousness
Come to heal a world’s distress;
Soon His rays will illumine all the earth’s dark night
With a glory from the heav’nly height. [Refrain]