When The Cry Shall Be Made At The Midnig

When the cry shall be made at the midnight,
“Go ye out, for the Bridegroom is near!”
Will you rise with your lamps trimmed and burning?
Will you joyfully bid Him draw near?

We will watch, we will watch,
Till the Bridegroom shall come in His power;
Jesus saith we must watch,
For we know not the day nor the hour.

Till He comes now He bids us be ready;
Can you say to the Bridegroom I am?
Will you enter the door that is open,
To the dear marriage feast of the Lamb? [Refrain]

Oh, how sad if our oil is all wasted,
Tho’ we hasten our lamps to renew;
If we find that the Bridegroom has entered,
Left without, then, oh, what shall we do? [Refrain]