When The Dark Shadows Are Falling

When the dark shadows are falling,
Making your pathway so drear,
Out of the darkness is calling
Jesus, the Friend ever near.
Then what a sweet consolation
Comes to relieve your distress;
Jesus, the Lord of salvation,
Whispers, your spirit to bless.

O how he loves, the Savior so dear,
Full of compassion, this Friend ever near;
Jesus the King, whose glory we sing,
Jesus, the Friend ever near.

When in the midst of temptation,
Battling without and within,
Jesus, your strong habitation,
Conquers the armies of sin.
Under his leadership glorious,
Danger and doubt disappear;
He is our Captain victorious,
Jesus, the Friend ever near. [Refrain]

Then let us cling to this Savior,-
Jesus the King is his name;
O let us merit his favor,
Seeking his pardon to claim.
Hear him so tenderly pleading,
Waiting your answer to hear,
Patiently now interceding,
Jesus, the Friend ever near. [Refrain]