When The Day Is Dreary Tillotson

When the day is dreary, when the path is steep,
When the hearts is weary, or the waters deep,
Then a song comes ringing, joy and comfort bringing,
“Trust ye in the Lord, and he your heart will keep.”

Trust him, for his promise will endure,
Trust him, for his Holy Word is sure,
He will cleanse our hearts from sin, make us white and pure,
If we trust in him forever.

When the footsteps falter, and the road is long,
Changing, seasons alter, all the world seems wrong,
Hear the soft voice calling, tender music falling,
“Trust ye in the Lord, and he will make you strong.” [Refrain]

In the toil and hurry there is much to do,
Much to grieve and worry all the wide world thro’;
Still the song keeps ringing, still the voice is singing,
“Trust ye in the Lord, and he will care for you.” [Refrain]