When The Daylight Dies

When the daylight dies
In the distant west,
When the robin flies
To his place of rest,
And the shadows fall
Over plain and hill,-
Hear the plaintive call
Of the whippoorwill.

In the twilight somber and still,
Sending notes of love to our God above,
Hear the call of the whippoorwill!

When the children sleep,
And the Savior dear,
Faithful watch to keep
O’er their souls, is near,
Little whippoorwill
Sings his tender lay,-
Praises God until
Comes the break of day. [Chorus]

Tho’ he sings at night
When the world is still,
It is his delight
To obey God’s will;
And this lesson bright
He doth send abroad;
All may find delight
In obeying God! [Chorus]