When The Days Are Bright As Some Days Wi

When the days are bright, as some days will be;
When the cause of right wins the victory;
When the sunbeams play over life’s glad day,
There is One who can cheer us along our way.

It is Jesus, blessed Jesus,
He’s the One who knows our ev’ry need;
It is Jesus, blessed Jesus,
He’s a Savior indeed.

As we travel on to the great white throne,
There is One who all of the way makes known;
And the way He shows, for the way He knows,
And He tempers for us each wind that blows. [Refrain]

When the shadows come, as sometimes they will;
When the days are dark and the winds are chill,
There is One whose light with a glory bright
Will above us shine thro’ the darkest night. [Refrain]

When we try so hard and we seem to fail,
When our hopes are lost in the stormy gale,
There is One who cares just how each one fares,
And the wind and storms with His own He shares. [Refrain]