When The Days Of Life Are Gloomy

When the days of life are gloomy,
And no kindly light I find;
When the heavy shadows fall across my way.
There’s a heav’nly voice that calls me,
And the words are sweet and kind-
There’s a hand that leads me upward day by day.

I will follow, follow Jesus,
I will trust His saving love;
He has promised He will answer when I pray;
He will lead me thro’ life’s changes
To the better land above,
And His hand will safely guide me all the way.

When my heart was heavy burdened
And my life so full of care,
That the hours, in parting, bro’t no heav’nly ray.
Jesus came and softly whispered:
“Let Me ev’ry burden bear,”
And His loving hand has led me day by day. [Refrain]

Do you ask me whence the comfort
That has bro’t me hope and cheer?
Whence the sunbeams that dispel the shadows gray?
Ev’ry blessing comes from Jesus!
“Seek, and ye shall find” Him near,
And His loving hand will guide you day by day. [Refrain]