When The Disciples Refuge Sought

When the disciples refuge sought
To sham the stubborn Jews;
When they had neither hope or thought,
They hear’d a welcome new’s.

Their doors were bolted, bar’d & lock’d,
To guard them in their fears;
The Saviour neither call’d nor knock’d,
But suddenly appears.

My peace be unto you he said:
My peace to you is giv’n;
You need not doubt nor be affraid,
I am your Lord from heav’n.

That they might be convinc’d and know:
And fully satisfied;
His wounded hands to them did show,
Likewise his pierced side.

Thus with all saints it is the case,
When Jesus is withdrawn;
When he appears to hide his face,
Then all our joys are gone.

Like the disciples they feel sad,
Like them they feel distress’d;
A view of Jesus makes them glad,
And sooth’s their minds to rest.

Let us assemble, watch and pray,
As faithful servants do!
Till Jesus visits us and say,
My peace be unto you.