When The Distressed Disciples Were

When the distress’d Disciples were
On raging billows toss’d,
Their mind were fill’d with dread and fear
They gave themselves for lost.

But O, how soon the seas obey’d!
When Jesus spake on board;
How soon her blasts and storms were laid
At his commanding word.

When troubles like the swelling waves
Oppress our feeble mind,
Yet when we cry, O Saviour save!
Deliv’rence we shall find.

Should we be drove by wind and tide!
And beaten from the cape;
The Lord will ever more provide
A way for our escape.

Our faith however, weak it is!
We shall not quite dispair;
The Lord who gave his promises
Will always hear our prayer.

Dear Lord, since thy dear Church below
Is like a ship on Sea,
Which oft is driven to and fro
In much perplexity.

Calm thou, her mind in all alarm
And aid her weak effort,
Conduct her safe thro’ every storm
To reach the happy Port.