When The Earth Shall Cease To Be

When the earth shall cease to be,
And the heavens pass away,
The unchanging word of God we’ll see
Just as it is today.

On the word of God I calmly rest,
With a sweet assurance in my breast;
For I know it is His holy will,
Each promise to fulfill.

Since the morn when time began,
Hath His word ceased to prevail?
Is the God of heaven weak as man?
Or can His promise fail? [Refrain]

Hath a mortal yet been found
Who hath trusted Him in vain?
Search the whole broad space of earth around,
And search it once again. [Refrain]

Trusting Him I’m not afraid,
For He careth still for me;
And for me the promise sure was made
And sealed on Calvary. [Refrain]

Oh, what peace and calm content!
Oh, what love and joy divine,
While I trust Thy changeless word, are blent
Within this heart of mine. [Refrain]

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