When The Evening Shadows Kiss The West

When the evening shadows kiss the west,
There comes a vision so fair,
Of an aged form on bended knee,
My mother engaged in prayer.

I saw my mother kneeling,
Her eyes were closed in prayer;
I heard a low faint whisper,
My name was mentioned there.

Though I’m far away from those loved best,
I know I am thought of there;
And a wayward son in alien clime
Has mention in mother’s prayer. [Refrain]

When that kneeling form I seem to see,
Her heart before God laid bare,
Then I know those tears flow forth for me,
I’m mentioned in mother’s prayer. [Refrain]

O the cruel shame! I’ve spurned her so!
God answer my mother’s prayer!
Let the wand’ring son come home tonight,
For heaven his soul prepare. [Refrain]