When The Everlasting Morning On This Wea

When the everlasting morning on this weary earth shall dawn,
And we hear the trumpet sounding loud and clear;
When the angels from the battlements of heaven shout for joy;
We will greet the friends we loved and cherished here.

For they never die up yonder,
There with joy they stand arrayed;
No, they never die up yonder,
Jesus all the debt has paid.

By the angel bands attended, up along the starry way
They have journey’d where the surges swell no more;
They have left their earthly temple for a house not made with hands;
They are living on the peaceful Eden shore. [Refrain]

We shall know them by the lovelight that still lingers in their eyes,
Tho’ their faces bright with heaven’s glory shine;
Those who vanished from earth’s portals and were lost a little while
In the summerland of Paradise divine. [Refrain]