When The Famine Waxed Sore In The Land

When the famine waxed sore in the land,
The storehouses Joseph had filled
Were opened by royal command,
And the voices of hunger were stilled.
The news throughout Egypt was spread,
Of corn there is plenty in store;
Come, ye famished and dying for bread,
Take freely and hunger no more.

Sinner, come to the storehouse of grace,
There’s abundant provision and free;
For the sin-burdened soul there’s release,
There’s life and salvation for thee.

And the nations afar heard the cry,
“In Egypt there’s bread and to spare,
Nor will Joseph the ruler deny
To the needy, the strangers, a share!”
So they came as the tidings went forth,
As far as the famine held sway,
From the lands of the south and the north,
Nor did any go empty away. [Refrain]

The sov’reign of heaven hath willed,
And hath issued His royal decree,
That the storehouses mercy hath filled,
To the needy be open and free!
Ye nations, give heed to the call;
Ye starving ones, make no delay;
There’s food in abundance for all,
Nor will He turn any away. [Refrain]

O prodigal wretched, forlorn,
And ready of hunger to die,
To the house of thy Father return,
From famine and misery fly!
Return to the household of grace,
No longer an alien to roam,-
Return to thy Father’s embrace,
And find a glad welcome at home. [Refrain]