When The Gates Swing Open Wide

When the gates swing open wide,
Shall we enter side by side,
Thro’ the blood once shed on Calvary?
Will the Saviour bid us come,
From His presence ne’er to roam,
Thro’ a glad eternity,
You and I?

Yes, we’ll walk the golden streets together,
You and I,
You and I;
And we’ll leave the city fair, no, never,
You and I,
You and I;
Cleans’d from all our guilt and sin,
With the King of kings shut in,
Life eternal we’ll begin,
You and I.

When we stand before the King,
Many trophies may we bring,
And our sheaves at Jesus’ feet lay down;
Precious jewels gathered here,
Won by toil and pray’rs and tears,
Shining stars to deck our crown,
You and I. [Refrain]

Yes, we’ll walk the golden street,
And our friends with gladness greet,
Look with joy into the Saviour’s face;
Sing the song the ransomed sing,
While the bells of heaven ring,
When we’ve run life’s weary race,
You and I. [Refrain]