When The Harps Of Gold Are Ringing

When the harps of gold are ringing,
In the city of our King,
Where the angels praise are bringing,
Shall I join the songs they sing?

Shall I be there?
Shall I be there?
Tell me, ye seraphs bright,
Shall I be there?
Yes, I’ll be there!
Yes, I’ll be there!
Thro’ God’s abounding grace
I shall be there!

In Jerusalem the golden,
On the crystal river’s shore,
Will I tell the story olden,
That is new for evermore? [Chorus]

Where the garments of salvation
Fold the fair, angelic forms,
That have come from ev’ry nation,
Out of tribulation’s storms! [Chorus]

Where are crowns of matchless splendor,
That will grace the victor’s brow,
Where they joyful homage render,
And with rev’rent love they bow. [Chorus]