When The Harvest Is Past And The Summer

When the harvest is past, and the summer is gone,
And sermons and prayers shall be o’er;
When the beams cease to break, of the blest Lord’s day morn,
And Jesus invited thee no more:

When the harvest is past,
And the summer is o’er,
With the wheat or the tares,
When the judgment appears,
Oh, which shall it be evermore?

When the rich gales of mercy no longer shall blow,
The Gospel no message declare;
Sinner, how canst thou bear the deep wailings of woe?
How suffer the night of despair? [Chorus]

When the holy have gone to the regions of peace,
To dwell in the mansions above,
When their harmony wakes, in the fullness of bliss,
Their song to the Savior they love: [Chorus]

Say, O sinner that livest at rest and secure,
Who fearest no trouble to come;
Can thy spirit the swellings of sorrow endure,
Or bear the impenitent’s doom? [Chorus]