When The Jewels Of Earth Shall Be Gather

When the jewels of earth shall be gather’d,
They with glory effulgent shall shine,
As they come to the gates of that city,
Sweeping in thro’ its portals divine.

Glorious as the light of the kingdom,
Glorious as the bright rising sun,
O what a rapt’rous sight,
In that heav’nly home so bright,
As glorious as the light of the kingdom.

What a host there will be of the sav’d ones!
Like the stars of the night, we are told,
As they march in their strength and their grandeur,
Thro’ the bright, shining streets of pure gold. [Chorus]

They are those who have follow’d the Saviour,
Out of every nation and tribe,
Who have come thro’ a great tribulation;
Praises loud they to Jesus ascribe. [Chorus]

“Thou art worthy, O Christ,” they are singing,
“Who hath died, all our race to redeem.”
“Hallelujah!” the grand swelling chorus,
And His love everlasting their theme. [Chorus]