When The King Comes Back From The Far Of

When the King comes back from the far-off land,
And the trumpet sounds to meet Him;
O the joy that thrills thro’ the raptur’d band
Of the saints as they rise to greet Him!

Refrain -:
O hasten, Lord, that happy day,
The Kingdom of Thy glory!
For our spirits yearn for Thy blest return,
As we muse on the Gospel story.

When the morning breaks on the hills of time
And the shadows all are fleeing,
When the Bride awakes to the marriage chime,
And her faith is lost in seeing. [Refrain -]

When the fight is o’er, and the vict’ry won,
And the vanquish’d foe is flying;
When the Captain calls with His own ‘Well done!’
To the crown of the life undying. [Refrain -]

O to share the grace of the holy place
Where the angel-hosts adore Him;
Where our eyes shall gaze on the Bridegroom’s face
As we stand all fair before Him. [Refrain -]

Speed, speed that hour when Thy blood-bought pow’r
Shall reveal Thy full salvation;
And the world resound to her utmost bound
With the song of the new creation.

Refrain :
All blessing, glory, honour be,
And praise that ceaseth never,
For Him that sits upon the throne,
And to the Lamb for ever!