When The King Was Born On That Christmas

When the King was born, on that Christmas morn,
In the humble Bethl’hem town,
Over lands afar shone the Christmas Star,
Flinging rays of glory down.
There were wise men three, over hill and lea,
Who beheld the promised sign;
But with joy they knew its meaning true
Told the Christ Child’s joy divine.

Led by the Star,
The wise men came from their homes afar,
Seeking the Child,
Whom men and angels sing.

So they went their way, on that Christmas day,
Seeking out the newborn King,
Bearing gifts so rare for the Christ Child fair,
As the off’ring they would bring.
And they came at last, with their journey past,
And they knelt around His bed,
And the Christmas Star they’d followed far
Laid a crown on every head. [Refrain]