When The Last Earth Tie Is Sundered

When the last earth-tie is sundered,
And my soul set free;
When life’s cares and toils are numbered,
I shall haste to be
With my Lord, in realms of light,
Where no sin can ever blight,
Where ne’er comes the shades of night;
To His arms I’ll flee.

Often here I’m sad and weary,
As the days go by;
Oft the scenes are dark and dreary,
Teardrops dim my eye;
But when this short life is o’er,
We shall weep and sigh no more,
But rejoice forevermore
In our home on high.

Now I look with eager longing,
Where I soon shall stand,
Where the happy spirits thronging,
In the heav’nly band,
Taste the joys of love divine,
In refulgent glory shine-
This great heritage is mine,
In that happy land.

Shall I shrink at death’s cold river,
When on yonder shore
Stands of every good the Giver,
Whom I now adore?
Untold pleasures beckon me,
Untold joys by faith I see,
Untold happiness to be
Mine forevermore.

Select Hymns, (Timeless Truths)