When The Long Days Of Wintertime Are Ove

When the long days of winter-time are over,
When we enter the bright, eternal spring,
‘Neath the sunlight of heaven’s golden splendor,
Then at last how my heart will gladly sing.

In the land where the flowers bloom forever,
When the day beams throughout the bye-and-bye,
Ne’er shall sorrow my soul from rapture sever,
In the land where the flowers never die.

When no more shall my hopes be turn’d to sighing,
When no fears hover darkly at my side,
Then I know I shall see my blest Redeemer,
And with lov’d ones shall evermore abide. [Refrain]

Then I’ll patiently wait the glorious dawning,
When my work for the Master is complete,
Trusting all to the Saviour’s tender keeping,
Till I lay ev’ry burden at His feet. [Refrain]