When The Lord Of The Vineyard Is Calling

When the Lord of the vineyard is calling
For your help when there’s work to be done,
Are you ready to go at His bidding,
And to toil till the set of the sun?

Will you cheerfully labor in the vineyard?
Will you work for the promised reward?
If the hours be few or many,
Will you earn the toiler’s penny
By your labor in the vineyard of the Lord?

Are you willing to go without knowing
What reward there will be for your pain,
Leaving all in the hands of the Master
Till He comes to His vineyard again? [Refrain]

There’s no place for the idle; the harvest
In the heat of the day must be won,
For the Lord of the vineyard will only
To the faithful ones say, “Tis well done.” [Refrain]