When The Lord Shall Come To Call You

When the Lord shall come to call you,
Whether it be noon or night,
And the hand of death enthrall you,
Shut your eyes from earthly light.

Will the pearly gates be open,
Will the Saviour meet you there,
Shall you be among the ransom’d
And their glorious portion share?

Midst the busy whirl of pleasure,
Soft, but yet distinctly heard,
Come the sounds with steady measure,
List, and heed the warning word. [Refrain]

By the ever pressing hurry
Of the sins which conscience drown,
In a life of toil and worry,
Do not put the question down. [Refrain]

Seek the Saviour, you shall find him,
He will take your sins away,
You can answer then the question,
Tho’ it comes by night or day. [Refrain]