When The Love Of Jesus Dwelleth In The H

When the love of Jesus
Dwelleth in the heart,
We, like loving Mary,
Choose the better part;
And in love abiding,
Joyful on our way,
We will journey onward
To the perfect day.

Come, thou blessed Saviour,
Dwell within this heart of mine;
Then among the ransomed,
I in heav’n will shine.

If the great example
Of our Master dear,
Be our aim and motto
While we linger here,-
If our lives are simple,
Undefiled as His,
We shall then in heaven
See Him as He is. [Refrain]

Let us strive to follow
Jesus all the way,
Till we see the morning
Of the perfect day;
Then as stars forever,
Each a spotless gem,
We shall shine eternal
In His diadem. [Refrain]