When The Lowly Jesus Trod The Paths Of M

When the lowly Jesus trod the paths of men below,
He beheld their bitter sorrow, and their crushing woe;
He received them kindly, when they joined Him on the way,
Graciously He walked and talked with them from day to day.

Walking and talking with Jesus
Smoothes the rugged way.
Walking and talking with Jesus
Brings the light of day;
Walking and talking with Jesus
Fills the heart with love;
Walking and talking with Jesus
Is like Heav’n above.

You may walk with Him today! Believe it, weary soul;
He will cause your heart to burn; His words will make you whole;
With the smile of His dear face, He’ll cheer you on the way;
Safely He will guide and lead you on from day to day. [Refrain]

Oh, the joy to walk with Jesus to our home above,
Basking in the sunshine of His everlasting love;
Oh, the joy to talk with Jesus in the shadow-land,
And to feel at every turn the touch of His dear hand. [Refrain]