When The March Of Life Is Over Oatman

When the march of time is over and I reach that mystic shore,
Which we mortals call eternity,
If I’m faithful to the Master till the battle here is o’er
There’s a crown of glory there for me.

O the crown of glory shall be mine,
Yes, the crown of glory shall be mine,
For the blood of Christ avails for me,
And the crown of glory shall be mine.

What tho’ troubles and tho’ sorrows with my Master I have shared?
I shall reign with Him at last on high,
For I know these light afflictions never more can be compared
With the crown of glory by and by. [Refrain]

Yes, I want to look to Jesus till my race on earth is run,
Trust Him till the light of life has fled,
Then I know that He will call me, and when He has said “well done,”
Place the crown of glory on my head. [Refrain]

Blessed Saviour, walk beside me, hold me ever by the hand,
Guide and guard me till the close of day,
Then throughout eternal ages may I in the Father-land
Wear the crown that fadeth not away. [Refrain]