When The Marriage Feast Is Ready In That

When the marriage feast is ready in that palace fair,
And the message comes for me,
I’ll be waiting, for I’ve heard the summons to prepare;
With the Bridegroom I soon shall be.

When the marriage feast is ready and they call for me,
I’ll be waiting to go home;
For the special invitation unto all is free:
“Whosoever will may come.”

When the children of the royal family gather home
On that joyous festal day,
We shall hear the shouts of vict’ry echo as they come,
Marching upward along the way. [Refrain]

All the saints of every age and clime, a blood-washed band,
In their marriage robes unstained,
Shall with joyful acclamation round the Bridegroom stand,
With their greatest desire attained. [Refrain]

Heed the warning, be ye ready for that coming day,
Have your garments white as snow,
Lest you be rejected and forever cast away,
And to darkness must sadly go. [Refrain]