When The Master Comes In Glory

When the Master comes in glory,
With His angels fair and bright,
When the world’s completed story
Is unrolled before His sight;
When the saved of every nation
Join to praise His grace divine,
Shall these words of commendation,
Fall upon your ears, and mine?

Well done, well done,
O shall we hear the welcome words, well done?
Shall we hear the Saviour saying,
When we stand before the throne,
Well done, my child, well done.

There is work to do for Jesus,
That should every pow’r employ;
May His blessed service please us,
More than any earthly joy.
There are souls that must not perish,
Wand’ring sheep that we may find;
Little lambs that we may cherish,
Broken hearts that we may bind. [Chorus]

O the good beyond all guessing
Of a loving deed or look!
O the wondrous pow’r of blessing
In a word from God’s own Book!
Let us spread the great salvation
Till the setting of the sun;
Then we’ll hear the commendation
From the Masters lips, “Well done.” [Chorus]