When The Misty Clouds Around You

When the misty clouds around you
Hide the sunlight from your eyes,
And the darkness that surrounds you
Veils the brightness of the skies;
Then, when e’er your courage falters,
Hear the words that Jesus said
When He walk’d upon the waters,-
“It is I, be not afraid.”

By and by, there comes the dawning
Of a glorious, happy day,
By and by there comes the dawning
Of a bright and glorious morning,
When the clouds shall fade away, shall fade away.

Darkness here! yet still above you
Shines the golden city bright;
On its streets are those who love you,
Happy in its radiant light,
With your Saviour close beside you,
Do not fear, be not dismay’d,
With His hand and voice to guide you-
“It is I, be not afraid.” [Chorus]

With His presence ever near you,
Needed aid and hope to bring,
How His words should always cheer you-
Make your heart with joy to sing.
Oh, the light of day is shining
Far beyond the clouds and shade;
No more darkness or repining-
“It is I, be not afraid.” [Chorus]