When The Morn Is Breaking

When the morn is breaking,
Worldly thoughts forsaking,
Hearts with love are waking–
‘Tis the Sabbath Day!
Songs of joy ascending,
Happy voices blending,
Sing of love unending
On this holy day!

O day of rest, of joy and peace!
An earthly token of heaven’s best!
With joy we hail thy welcome dawning,
O blessed day of rest!

Joyful hearts are singing,
Joyous bells are ringing,
Richest blessings bringing,
On this holy day!
Christ to us is dearer,
Heaven still is nearer,
Faith is growing clearer
On this holy day! [Chorus]

Strength for our tomorrow,
Comfort for our sorrow,
All from thee we borrow,
Blessed, holy day!
Pledge of rest remaining,
Where is no complaining,
Glimpse of heaven gaining
On this holy day! [Chorus]