When The Morn Of Splendor Breaking

When the morn of splendor breaking
Scatters blessing all the way,
And our souls from slumber waking,
Hail with joy the golden day,

It is sweet to look away to Jesus,
And His gracious words attend,
And to hear Him ever sweetly saying:
“I am with you to the end!”

When the clouds of sorrow gather,
O’er us bends a frowning sky,
And we sometimes fear the Father
Does not hear us when we cry, [Refrain]

When the storms of life assail us,
All our blessed sunlight flown,
And the friends we trusted fail us,
Leaving us to walk alone, [Refrain]

When we reach the silent river,
Pass its chilling waters through,
Scenes of earth recede forever,
Heav’n is opening to our view, [Refrain]