When The Morning Light Drives Away The N

When the morning light
Drives away the night,
With the sun so bright and full,
And the day of rest
Lightens every breast,
I’ll away to Sabbath school;
For ’tis there we all agree,
All with happy hearts and free,
And I love to early be,
At the Sabbath school.

I’ll away! away!
I’ll away! away!
I’ll away to Sabbath school.

In the class I meet
With the friends I greet,
At the time of opening prayer;
And our hearts we raise
In a hymn of praise,
For ’tis always pleasant there;
In the Book of holy truth,
Full of counsel and reproof,
We behold the guide of youth,
At the Sabbath school. [Refrain]

May the dews of grace
Fill the hallowed place,
And the sunshine never fail,
While each blooming rose
Which in memory grows,
Shall a sweet perfume exhale;
When we mingle here no more,
But have met on Jordan’s shore,
We will talk of moments o’er
At the Sabbath school. [Refrain]