When The Morning Sun Is Bright And The H

When the morning sun is bright,
And the harvest fields are white,
And the ones that should be reaping
In the fields, are loit’ring by;
When the Master’s voice is ringing
O’er the fields of waving grain,
Calling loud for reapers! answer,
“Here am I, Here am I!”

When I hear the voice of my Savior
I will quickly, gladly give to Him the reply,
“Whatsoever Thou wilt have me do to glory Thy name,
Speak, O Lord, Thy servant hearth,
“Here am I, Here am I!”

There are famished souls to feed,
There are wand’ring steps to lead
From the depths of sin and darkness;
There are helpless ones that cry;
Who will feed the hungry children,
Who will seek the lost to save?”
Jesus calls you, who will answer,
“Here am I, Here am I!” [Refrain]

There are battles yet to win,
‘Gainst the marshaled hosts of sin,
And the Savior, in each conflict
Swift to help, is ever nigh;
When He calls for deeds of daring,
And for loyal hearts and true,
Ready will I be to answer,
“Here am I, Here am I!” [Refrain]